Guided Private Ranch Hunting in New Mexico

                      Guided Private Land Bull Elk Hunts in New Mexico: Units 34 and Unit 36

I have exclusive hunting access to almost 75,000 acres of private land in the SE part of New Mexico in units 34 and 36. I offer a limited number of hunters the opportunity to hunt these ranches for bull elk  WITH NO DRAW. Bull elk on these ranches are normally 6x6 and in the 290-340 class, but we take much bigger almost every year. We do harvest a few bulls in the 340-370+ range as well every season, and ranch records are over 400. These units are famous for their trophy elk hunting in New Mexico.   We have a 90% success rate and 100%  shot opportunity since 2007 on my main ranch in unit 34 and in unit 36 the long term success rate (since 1997) is 89% with 100% opportunity to shoot.   Hunters return to these ranches year after year as it really is that special. My unit 36 ranch hunts as good or better each week as we move into the late season months. Nov-Dec-Jan offer up our highest success rates as well as the most bulls sighted each day! Hunts are spot and stalks on foot. Most days you will walk high on the ridges and glass for bulls as you move from area to area. Once bulls are located we will stalk them or set a plan for that evening or the next morning.

Lodging for our private ranch hunt in unit 34 (Nov-Jan) is a small cabin located on the ranch. Our cabin has a shower, a great little living room and 1 bedroom with twin bunks. Most meals are prepared by myself or my wife in the off season and finished up by your guide. We also added a small sitting room to the house in 2012. NOTE: Bow hunts and early October rifle hunts in unit 34 will be from our main base camp.  This is a tent camp location;  you will stay in a huge canvas wall tent,  with full time cooks, dining tent, hot showers anytime, really you will be glamping (the new yuppie word for glamorous camping)! 

Lodging for our private land unit 36 ranch is a small cabin located in the middle of the ranch.  This rustic little cabin offers off the grid comfort (no electricity or cell service).  But don't let that scare you, we have solar power lights and propane refrigerator.  The house also has nice propane heat and hot water showers.  Water is on a gravity feed system and a hot shower feels great after a hard day of elk hunting.   

                                                                   Guided Bull Elk Rifle Hunts in New Mexico Unit 34

                                                                                       $10,000 Oct 1-5 full rut

                                                                                        $10,000 Oct 6-10 full rut

                                                                                        $10,000 Oct 7-11 full rut

                                                                                        $8950 October 12 to January 31st

                                                                           Guided Bull Elk Hunts with a Bow

                                                                                          7 day bow hunt     
                                                                                           $9500 2x1 

                                                                     Extra days added to bow hunts: $400 per day 


                                                                     Guided bull elk rifle hunts in New Mexico unit 36


                                                                          Guided bow hunts in New Mexico unit 36

                                                                                                   $9000 2x1

                                                                             Extra days added to bow hunts are $400 per day

                                                                               Private ranch hunts include:

                     Landowner vouchers, lodging, meals, in field transportation, all field preparations of your trophy.

                                                                            Exclusions, cancelations and deposits
50% deposit on all hunts on private land,  all lodging and meals are included in the price, . NM hunting license cost of $674 and 6.06% tax NOT included in hunt costs.    Any dispute will be settled in the San Juan Country Courts between February and August.  Cancelations will result in forfeit of deposit unless a replacement can be located, then a 15% of the trip cost cancelation fee will be charged. 

                                                                                     NO DRAW ON PRIVATE RANCH HUNTS