The Guided Sheep Hunt of a Lifetime

As hunters we all dream about that one day we check the draw results and see green, or get that magical letter in the mail!  Here in New Mexico we are blessed with the opportunity to hunt some of the largest sheep rocky and desert sheep in the country.  And just to my North we have an abundance of Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep tags also available.  Are you one of the lucky few that have the coveted golden ticket?  If so give us a call and see how we can turn your dreams into reality here in the west.  

The areas that we guide in New Mexico offer the best overall potential for world class desert Sheep of any of the states we guide.  We specialize in both rocky and desert sheep here in New Mexico and Colorado,  but what really sets us apart is the passion and drive we all have for sheep.  I also am blessed to have two guide who only guide sheep hunters.  This allows our guides to completely focus on finding the very best sheep we can for the areas that you are hunting.  Between Colorado and New Mexico  you’ll be hard pressed to find guides with more time on the mountain chasing sheep, or even more important… Time spent packing sheep of the mountain and into trophy rooms across the country over the last two decades!  

Really sheep hunts are so specialized and so limited the best way to handle this hunt is to just talk on the phone or meet in person and talk about what we offer as far as services.   I have permits virtually state wide in New Mexico and I am also permited or able to acquire permits in most areas of Colorado as well. We love S21, S33, S15, S16, S31, S12, S35, S3, S9 and many others, give us a call if you have drawn a coveted Colorado sheep tag!  

With all the new units in New Mexico for Desert sheep please call us if you have drawn a tag. We have extensive first hand scouting knowledge of Unit 27 the Peloncillo Mountains, Unit 26 the Hatchet Mountains, Unit 19 White Sands Missile Base, Unit 20 South, the Caballo Mountains, Unit 20 North the Fra Cristobal, and Unit 13 and 17 the Ladron Mountains. The new state record for New Mexico is waiting for you, don’t miss out call today.  We also love the Unit 16B San Francisco River, Unit 45 Pecos wilderness, Unit 53 Wheeler peak, 53 and 55 Laiter, Unit 49, 50, 53 Rio Grande George and Unit 58 Dry Cimarron.

New Mexico Guided Sheep Hunting Rates

Desert sheep hunts are 10 day hunts, 2 guides one hunter $8500 backpack hunt

Rocky Mountain Sheep 10 days hunts, 2 guides one hunter $8500 backpack hunt

Rocky Mountain Sheep 10 day hunts, 2 guides one hunter $10,000 horseback hunt

Colorado Sheep Hunting Guided Rates

$7500 1x1 7 day sheep hunts are backpack hunts

$8500 2x1 7 day sheep hunts (2 guides 1 hunter) backpack hunt

$9500 1x1 7 day horseback hunt





  New Mexico guided Ibex hunting

New Mexico is blessed as the only state to hold a free range population of Bezoars Ibex.  These incredible game animals were introduced to New Mexico in the late 1960's.  They have thrived and now flourish in the Florida Mountains of Southern New Mexico.  Few licenses are issued each year for this great animal but for the lucky few that draw, its more than a once in a lifetime hunt.  The rugged mountains here don't make this hunt a gimmie!  You'll earn your Ibex here with every step.....

The Florida Mountain of Southern New Mexico are some of the roughest terrain most of our hunters will ever endure on hunts.  Its unforgiving, steep, thorny, hard, rocky and God forsaken yet unforgettably beautiful all wrapped into one, its a hunt people never forget!  Our rifle and Muzzleloader hunters have been 100% harvest since we started guiding for ibex here.   Bow hunters that choose to hunt with bow hunting guides see the difference hunting with bow hunting professionals makes.  We have been blessed with 100% shot and about a 50% harvest rate over the years (normal success rate for this bow hunt is 2%).  We know almost every rock on the mountain and where the ibex go to drink, hide and feed.  We don't want to just guide you here, we want to help escort you into the record books as one of the few to hunt the rock and once of the many successful hunters who's dreams became reality here in New Mexico with the Compass West Outfitters crew.

All of my hunts for Ibex are 2 guides for every 1 hunter, this allows hunters to have one guide on the mountain with them at all times as well as 1 guide on the bottom of the mountain working as a spotter.  This special attention to every hunter is what sets us apart and what allows the success rates that we have stand up year after year.  Rifle and muzzleloader hunts include all meals and lodging.  Bow hunts do not include meals or lodging.  By nature bow hunts take more days, thus we have chosen keep meals and lodging as an additional cost.  This allows hunters to choose to camp, hotel/motel and restaurant meals or do it your self meals. 

New Mexico Ibex hunting guided rates

Rifle hunts are $6500 7 days 
 Muzzleloader hunts are $6500 7 days 
  Bow hunts are $5500 7 days
 Add on days when possible are $600/PD for 2 guides




The very best in New Mexico and Colorado sheep hunting as well as New Mexico Ibex